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Affinity Hawaii Mission

To offer efficient, sustainable, residential designs with a Hawaiian sense of place; designs which can be incorporated into existing Hawaii neighborhoods at an affordable price. Affinity Hawaii offers designs which are not only more affordable to build, but more affordable to maintain well into the future. Good design should be accessible to everyone, not just those with large budgets building large houses.

Imagine a neighborhood of smaller footprint sustainable homes like ones of the quaint neighborhoods of the past. Places like Kaimuki, Manoa, Alewa/Kamehameha Heights and Kaka’ako; well built homes designed for real island living and suited to Hawaii’s climate and cultural traditions while at the same time offering contemporary interior arrangements and amenities and the latest building technologies and materials.

I am Rebecca Boxall AIA. I have over 20 years of custom home design experience in Hawaii. I am pleased to present a Hawaii Pattern Book of designs I have developed over the years; homes that are designed as places for Hawaii families that are practical, efficient and beautiful. We offer a fresh choice for people seeking a high-quality ‘not-so-big’ home.

These home designs make the most of smaller lots, maximizing living space while preserving outdoor space for intimate gardens, terraces, and shady garden structures that encourage outdoor living.

Smaller footprint, well-built homes are more affordable to build and maintain. We all want to maximize our comfort while at the same time decreasing our toll on the land. These single family homes, townhouses, and duplexes offer a way to do just that.

Many of the homes are designed for multi-generational family living, another way to build ‘sustainably’. As the cost of housing soars, we can design our homes to provide shelter for extended ohana, an integral element of sustainable building practices from the past.

The Pattern Book is meant to inspire. You may find a design that works perfectly for you as is. Or any of the designs can be adapted to suit your specific needs or lot.



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